Building Updates!

September 15 - A lot has happened over this past week! We love seeing the daily progress!

  • The exterior of the building is coming along really well! Crews are currently waiting on some dry weather to have landscaping and stucco work completed.

  • All main glass is installed in the main entry, kids area and open office spaces!

  • Drywall taping and finishing is progressing very well in the classroom areas and West auditorium.

  • Painting is being completed down the main hallway into the cafe area.

  • Doors are being painted and then will be ready to hang in the office areas.

Windows near the children’s playground area

Windows near the children’s playground area

Main entrance into the building

Main entrance into the building

Stage in the Main Auditorium

Stage in the Main Auditorium

August 22 – Construction is moving forward! So much has happened this past week: 

  • The lighting and gravel grading are finished for the parking lot.  The first level of blacktop will go in next week.

  • The stage in the main auditorium is nearly finished! Adding in electrical items is up next.

  • Priming and painting of the bathrooms and offices is proceeding very well.

  • Exterior stoops are dug out and graveled, ready for concrete.
    Interior drywall has started on phase 2, which is the 608 and kid classroom areas. 

  • Old Heartland signage has been removed from the building.

Stage in Main Auditorium

Stage in Main Auditorium

Main Hallway

Main Hallway

Old Sign Gone

Old Sign Gone

August 15: Click the Deep & Wide image below to watch the video!

August 6: Where has the summer gone?! While we are sad to see the days of summer winding down, we are happy that it means we are getting closer to the finish line with the construction project! Here’s what’s been happening these past few weeks:

  • The roof is complete! It's one of those things that goes unseen but the entire roof has been replaced. All that's left is placing in the heating/cooling units to connect to the ductwork.

  • Curb and gutters have been placed for the parking lot, in spite of all the rain! You can now visualize what it will look like once it’s all finished.

  • Painting is nearly complete in the main auditorium. Stage installation is next! 

  • Hanging drywall is ahead of schedule for Phase 1 (auditorium, cafe, offices, main bathrooms).

  • Phase 2 (student & kid areas) is progressing well; framing of the new classrooms is complete! Next up – electrical and HVAC installation!

  • The glass wall outside the children's area (playground) is currently being constructed!

Roof work being completed

Roof work being completed

Main auditorium

Main auditorium

Hallway ceiling & drywall work

Hallway ceiling & drywall work

June 27: Phase 2 is officially under way! Nearly every space we occupied for church just a few short weeks ago has now been been through demolition. This also means the building is without power for a bit so staff members have been getting creative with where we work throughout the week. As the demo crew clears out our existing spaces, phase 1 continues to move along. Interior electrical and mechanicals are progressing well. More and more drywall is going up every day. The rain continues to be a nuisance for parking lot and roof work but these next few hot days should help with that. Pray for the crews to keep hydrated and safe!

June 27 Pic 1.jpg
June 27 Pic 2.jpg

June 14: Progress continues! Services are officially offsite as we prepare the rest of the building for demolition and construction of Phase 2. As construction continues, staff has condensed their workspaces into one classroom. Phase 1 is moving along well as the new exterior entrance is constructed and interior spaces take shape!


May 31: It's really hard to capture in photos the progress being made on the inside of the building. The pictures simply look like a lot of steel studs all in a row. However, when you walk into the space, you get a real sense of how everything is laid out now. Most of the outer walls of various areas - auditorium, cafe, offices, and bathrooms are framed out. It's fun to walk through and envision what it will all look like when it's completed!

May 31 Pic 1.jpg
May 31 Pic 2.jpg

May 24: It was a productive week onsite! Although the rain is still slowing things down a little with the parking lot, excavation is still underway. Also, the rain doesn't impact the work going on inside! Walls are starting to go up and it's really starting to give the interior space some shape as you'll see in the pictures. As the walls go up, the electrical crew is starting to run wires and HVAC crew is busy hanging the very large ductwork!


May 16: Every day there are more crews working onsite, which also means more noise! In our offices we can often hear large trucks coming and going and if you walk over to the site you can hear all sorts of tools and machines working away. 

At first glance, it doesn't look like much has been going on in the construction space, but most of the work has been on the infrastructure of the building so far. In the next week or so, interior walls will start going up in addition to work on the parking lot.

Check out all that was completed this week:
-Metal studs arrived and contractor is starting layout
-Main entryway excavation work is under way
-All underground plumbing has been installed and inspected
-Heating and ventilating contractor began ductwork
-Rough electrical work is underway
-North wall windows and door openings are being set
-Received approval of the Certified Survey Map

May 16-3.jpg

April 12:
While building construction is underway, design elements are being finalized! Below is a picture from a meeting with our design firm, Risepointe, looking at wall color, ceiling and flooring options.


April 4: As you've heard, construction is under way! Each week we'll post an update with some details about what's taking place along with a number of pictures.

 For some background, this project is being done in two construction phases. Phase 1 will be all the work relating to the "unused" part of the building. These areas were previously filled by tenants and contained various walls and sections for different businesses, offices and warehouse space. 

 On Monday, March 25 demolition of these spaces began. This included the removal and rerouting of all existing walls, electrical, plumbing and HVAC, creating a wide open space as evidenced by the pictures! The demolition team on site has done an excellent job working through the area. 

 One small part of "construction" that took place as part of demolition was the construction of a large wall that now divides the church into "Phase 1" and "Phase 2" spaces. The main reason for this wall is to keep dust and noise out of the space we are still using the other part of the building. With this wall, we lost a lot of storage space and had to move one classroom (Grade 4-5). Thanks to a number of Heartland members who helped us throw out and move items in that space!

 As main demolition wraps up this week, a new crew has come into start "cutting concrete". Before any walls go up and the space starts to take shape, the places where new plumbing, electrical and HVAC will run need to be made. The machines they use to cut the concrete are quite impressive! It is a loud and dusty process! 

 Finally, the next time you come to Heartland you'll notice the outside of the building will look at little "bare"! The landscaping was removed along with the awnings that spanned the building.

 Overall it's been a great couple of weeks and we're excited to see the project underway!

April 4 Pic 1.jpg
April 4 Pic 2.jpg